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At Kao, careers in research and development showcase our commitment to innovation within the beauty and skin care industry. We constantly challenge accepted knowledge, search for new truths and pursue advanced processes that create exceptional value and genuinely improve the lives of our customers around the world. Kao is a multinational company that operates across many countries. With many global locations, we have the unique ability to collaborate, share ideas and discover new technologies.

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In a large organization, it can be very hard to achieve an open and friendly culture. At all levels of the business, the Kao team is very approachable and senior leaders are more like mentors rather than bosses.

- Sam, Merchandising, United Kingdom

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In a Formulation career as part of research and development at Kao, you will gain insight into different usage and behavior models worldwide. Ours is a global landscape, where we work closely with our international counterparts to discuss innovation and developing projects in each country. It’s an exciting time to be working at Kao because we’ve placed an enormous emphasis on innovation. We understand that we have to deliver top-quality, innovative products to our consumers, and the excitement to revolutionize is felt across the organization.

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2018-4081 Cosmetic Scientist Job Molton Brown GB- -Hertfordshire