Senior Manager, Regional Insights & Analytics, EMEA & UK


This role is responsible for leading the holistic consumer and market learning program for the UK Mass Business (all brands) and for the oversight and direction of syndicated data systems across the EMEA region including the administration of a 500,000+ EURO local research and data budget, plus oversight of EMEA syndicated research contracts.

CONSUMER & SHOPPER UNDERSTANDING: This role is responsible for integrating, synthesizing, and curating knowledge about the consumer across a broad range of primary and secondary data sources to drive "consumer closeness," deepen understanding, and guide business thinking/decision making within the UK business and wider EMEA organisation.

MARKET UNDERSTANDING: This role integrates and synthesizes knowledge related to marketplace trends and serves as an objective voice on marketplace performance (Kao and competitors). This roles leverages analytics and insights to develop data-driven reports/recommendations through the unique lens of market data. The focus of role is to contribute in 3 primary areas: 1. Support Regional Business delivery, 2. Deliver Shopper insights and understanding, and 3. Guide Communication/Engagement optimization.

EMEA DATA LEADERSHIP: This role is responsible for owning the overall plan for effective and efficient syndicated data systems across the EMEA region including database design and specification, advanced analytic tool development and utilization, key region-level reporting, and supplier relationship management



  • SUPPORT UK BUSINESS DELIVERY. Deliver Key analyses that support the optimization and delivery of the regional business including Competitive landscape, Household panel, and sales/consumption. Lead Brand Health and NPD performance tracking. Deliver "Go to Market" and NPD launch optimization include size, assortment, marketing effectiveness, and price/promotion. Support Marketing Plan development and Portfolio strategies through delivery of shopper insights and understanding of marketing plan potential and performance.
  • CONSUMER/SHOPPER INSIGHTS AND UNDERSTANDING. Lead shopper insight identification and shopper journey understanding. Support retailer understanding through the mining of shopper/retailer trends. Deliver analytic insights into shoppers through assessment of their shopping behavior including assessment of buyer flows, switching patterns, market basket, loyalty rates, and brand switching.

  • EMEA DATA LEADERSHIP. Lead the successful delivery of effective and efficient syndicated data systems across the EMEA region with key responsibilities including database design and specification, advanced analytic tool development and utilization, key region-level reporting, and supplier relationship management.

  • MRC TEAM LEADERSHIP. Provide coaching and direction to the UK MRC personnel including budget planning, learning plan approvals, and report/recommendation input and alignment. Partner with the Market Research VP on Career planning and skills development for UK personnel.

  • DIRECT: People Management responsibility for 1 Associate Manager

  • INDIRECT: Lead across a broad network of Research vendors, partners, and agencies in the execution and delivery of research projects including managment of contractual agency resource across both EPOS and Panel partners. Lead thinking across multifunctional partners in the delivery of business recommendations. Leverage Syndicated data human resources in support of business needs.

  • Execute a local research budget and oversee EMEA syndicated research contractserience managing direct and indirect reporting relationships (including agencies, suppliers, and direct reports)


  • Bachelor's Degree reqired, Master's Degree preferred
  • 5-10 years of market research experience (previous Beauty experienced is highly valued)

  • Broad market research capability experience. The ideal candidate will have expertise spanning both Syndicated and Custom research including areas such as: EPOS sales data reporting, advanced analytics (Marketing Mix, Assortment etc), Consumer panel, Qualitative/Ethnographic/Deep Human Insight, Quantitative/Survey Design, Agile Learning.

  • Project Management skills and experience including experience leading multi-country/international projects

  • Able to travel domestically and internationally (infrequently)

  • Research Capability Mastery (Knowledge, Skils, and Abilities related to Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Quant/Qual blended approaches, Digitally enabled research, Analytics, Syndicated Data analysis and reporting

  • Innovative and Creative Thinking, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, Consumer/Customer-Centricity, In-Touch Skills, Agility.